The International Deep Planet Survey. Part I

Vigan et al. 2012, A&A, 544, 9
The following archives contains the reduced data for the first part of the International Deep Planet Survey (IDPS). The data are sorted per target, date and filter. For each target/date/filter combination, the following files are provided:
[target_name]_DItemplate.dat: text file with a summary of the observation, setup and result files
[target_name]_psf.fits: off-axis reference PSF image
[target_name]_adi.fits: LOCI-processed high-contrast image
[target_name]_det.fits: 2D detection map calibrated in delta magnitude with respect to the star
[target_name]_lim.fits: 1D detection limit in the form of a 2 dimensional vector with the separation with separation in milli-arcsecond and contrast in magnitude
[target_name]_candidates.dat: (optional) properties of detected candidates
Two archives are available:
vigan_IDPS_all.tar.gz - [730 MB] - all data
vigan_IDPS_lim.tar.gz - [181 kB] - 1D limits and candidates only