Curriculum Vitae


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
2013 - present
Full time researcher (permanent position)
European Southern Observatory, Chile
Operation Staff Astronomer
VLT/SPHERE co-instrument scientist
Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France
2012 - 2013
Postdoc in the planetary system group (GSP), working with Claire Moutou
University of Exeter, United-Kingdom
2010 - 2012
Associate Research Fellow, working with Jenny Patience
Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille, France
Research engineer in the instrumentation R&D group (GRD)


Institut d'Optique Graduate School, Orsay, France
2003 - 2006
Graduated with honours
Specialty: optical design and signal processing

Awards and Distinctions

2016CNRS prize for scientific excellence (14 k€)
2015Research grant from the City of Marseille (2.5 k€)
2012Invited researcher position at CRAL (Lyon, France) for one month
2006Graduated with honours from Université Jean Monnet (St Etienne, France)


2016 PI - ERC - 1.5 M€
Project HiRISE to couple high-contrast imaging with high-resolution spectroscopy at the Very Large Telescope
2014 Co-I - CNES - 56 k€
Validation and chracterization of CoRoT and Kepler/K2 exoplanet candidates with VLT/SPHERE. 2 years postdoc funding for Roxanne Ligi.
2014 PI - Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azure - 60 k€
Analyse de Surface d’Onde à haute performance pour la Recherche et la caractérisation de planètes EXtra-solaires (ASOREX)
2013PI - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille - 10 k€
Design and manufacturing of a stop-less Lyot coronagraph.
2010-present Co-I - French "national programs" (ASHRA, PNP) - several k€/year

Projects appointments

2017-presentAssociate member in the WFIRST/CGI Science Working Group
2017-presentPI of ERC project HiRISE
2016-presentMember of the E-ELT/HARMONI science team
2015Co-instrument scientist of SPHERE at ESO
2015Member of the SPHERE instrument operation team
2014-presentCo-I of the SHINE large observing program with SPHERE
2013-presentMain coordinator of the SHINE workpackage on exoplanet characterization
2012-presentCo-instrument scientist of the SPHERE/IRDIS instrument
2009-2014Co-I of the NaCo-LP large observing program
2006-2009Responsible of the laboratory and on-sky testing of the ZEUS sensor in the Active Phasing Experiment

Scientific and Administrative Responsabilities

Conference and seminars organisation
2019SOC member for the workshop AO4ASTRO (~60 participants)
2015SOC member for the conference OHP 2015: Twenty years of giant exoplanets (~100 participants)
2015SOC member for the Journées Scientifique de l'ONERA (~50 participants)
2013LOC member for the workshop Exoplanet validation (~50 participants)
2012-2013Co-organisation of the seminars at LAM
2011-2012Co-organisation of the astrophysics seminars at the university of Exeter
Councils and expertise groups
ConfidentialExpert for the European commission (H2020 programs)
ConfidentialReviewer for the Chilean National fund for scientific & technological development (CONICYT/FONDECYT)
ConfidentialReviewer for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
2017-2018Member of the ESO Observing Programmes Committee (OPC)
2016PhD committee for Justine Lannier and Faustine Cantalloube
2015ESO SPHERE proposals reviewer and technical feasability
2010-presentReferee for astrophysics and optics papers
Local involvement
2018-presentMember of the laboratory council at LAM (CL)
2018-presentMember of the instrumentation stearing committee at LAM (CPI)
2017-presentMember of the CERCle, the ERC coaching group at Aix-Marseille University
2013-2014Co-representative of the exoplanet group at the LAM scientific council
2007-2009Student representative at the LAM and OAMP scientific councils

Teaching and Supervision

PhD Students
2018-presentSupervision of Mathis Houllé. Combining high-contrast imaging and high-spectral resolution techniques
2016-presentCo-supervision of Anne-Laure Cheffot. Cophasing techniques for the E-ELT
2012-2015Co-supervision of Alice Zurlo. Graduated June 2015. Characterization of exoplanetary systems with the direct imaging technique: towards the first results of SPHERE at the VLT
2018-presentGilles Otten. Performance simulation for the SPHERE/CRIRES+ coupling and support in the development of the prototype for SPHERE
2015-2017Roxanne Ligi. Combining Kepler and SPHERE for the detection and characterization of exoplanetary systems
2014-2015Graeme Salter. Exploitation of the first on-sky data of VLT/SPHERE
2016-presentRaphaël Pourcelot. Optical engineer apprentice from Institut d'Optique Graduate School. Upgrade of the MITHIC high-contrast imaging testbed. Implementation of fiber injection on MITHIC
MSc and BA Interns
Multiple students supervised or co-supervised (~1 each year since 2012): M. Batista (MSc), M. Read (BA), L. Ben Assayag (MSc), R. Lucchesi (MSc), S. Tourenq (BA), E. Robert (MSc), J. Hulin (MSc), B. Rouzé (MSc)
Lectures and Practical Classes
2010-2015Lecture on coronagraphy at Aix-Marseille University (MSc level)
2010-2014Examiner for the BSc in optics at Aix-Marseille University (MSc level)
2011-2012Astronomical data reduction at the University of Exeter (BA level)
2015Adaptive optics, coronagraphy and high-contrast imaging course at ESO
2015Training on SPHERE of ESO fellows, night astronomers and Telescope and Instrument Operators
2012-presentMultiple contributions to projects from high-school and university students

Observing Experience

PI or Co-I on more than 80 observing programmes at ESO, Gemini, CFHT or on HST since 2009, totaling more than 3500 hours of telescope time in open time or GTO programmes.
2015VLT/UT3: 110+ nights as ESO staff astronomer on SPHERE, VIMOS and VISIR
2014VLT/SPHERE: 30 nights for the commissioning of the instrument
2010VLT/NaCo: 2 nights of observations
2008VLT: 10 nights on the visitor instrument APE
2005MOPRA radiotelescope (Australia): 7 nights

Invited seminars and talks

01-2019seminar, seminar at CEA Saclay, Department of Astrophysics (DAp) [slides]
01-2018seminar, R&D seminar at Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille; Marseille (France) [slides]
12-2017seminar, University of Exeter; Exeter (UK) [slides]
11-2017seminar, California Institute of Technology; Pasadena (USA) [slides]
09-2015seminar, Centro de Astrofisica de Valparaiso; Valparaiso (Chile) [slides]
07-2015seminar, Space Telescope Science Institute; Baltimore (USA) [slides]
12-2013seminar, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope; Weimea (USA) [slides]
05-2012seminar, Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon; Lyon (France) [slides]
11-2009seminar, Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon; Lyon (France)
09-2009talk, Measuring the Atmospheric Spectrum of Extrasolar Planets with SPHERE/IRDIS; Exeter (United-Kingdom)

Press releases

2017HIP 65426 b, the first exoplanet discovered by SPHERE: CNRS, LAM
2014First light of VLT/SPHERE: CNRS


2018Invited to the science show La Tête au Carré on national radio France Inter
2018Participation to the Looking for new Earth documentary produced by BBC and France 5
2017-2018Presenting the work of an astronomer to classes (from elementary school to high-school)
2011Astronomy and optics presented to children in elementary school (Exeter, United-Kingdom)
2006Guide in a museum exhibition dedicated to astronomy (Marseille, France)
RegularPublic conferences in France (associations, amateur astronomy meetings)
RegularParticipation to outreach events for the French Fête de la Science