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Some useful tools

The ESO eclipse library also contains very useful tools, such as the dfits, dtfits and fitsort utilities. The library is not maintained any longer, but it should compile on most recent systems:
ESO eclipse library page
Local copies of dfits/dtfits/fitsort for Linux and Mac OS X


Near-infrared neutral densities - IDL

This code code provides a convenient access to the attenuation of the instrument neutral density filters that may have been used during SPHERE/IRDIFS observations, e.g. to avoid saturation when acquiring and off-axis PSF ("FLUX" in ESO templates and documentation).

IFS reduction pipeline - IDL

This code provides a simple reduction pipeline for SPHERE/IFS data, which allows to go from the raw data, to the properly calibrated and aligned (x,y,λ) data cubes. It does not contain advanced data analysis routines (PCA, LOCI, etc).

IRDIS/LSS reduction pipeline - IDL

This code provides a full data reduction and analysis pipeline for the SPHERE/IRDIS long-slit spectroscopy mode, which allows to go from the raw data to the extraction of the spectrum of a companion.

pySPHERE - Python

A Python module for the reduction of VLT/SPHERE data in the near-infrared (IFS and IRDIS). It is currently in development and includes only a module for the transmission of the IRDIS filters and the CPI neutral density filters.