Summary (06-2017)

  • 55 refereed publications, 1000+ citations, h-index of 20
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Refereed publications

The First Scattered Light Image of the Debris Disk around the Sco-Cen target HD 129590
Matthews, Hinkley, Vigan, Kennedy, Rizzuto, Stapelfeldt, Mawet, Booth, Chen, Jang-Condell
2017, accepted in ApJ
Evidence that the Directly-Imaged Planet HD 131399 Ab is a Background Star
Nielsen, De Rosa, Rameau, Wang, Esposito, Millar-Blanchaer, Marois, Vigan, Ammons, Artigau, Bailey, Blunt, Bulger, Chilcote, Cotten, Doyon, Duchêne, Fabrycky, Fitzgerald, Follette, Gerard, Goodsell, Graham, Greenbaum, Hibon, Hinkley, Hung, Ingraham, Jensen-Clem, Kalas, Konopacky, Larkin, Macintosh, Maire, Marchis, Metchev, Morzinski, Murray-Clay, Oppenheimer, Palmer, Patience, Perrin, Poyneer, Pueyo, Rafikov, Rajan, Rantakyrö, Ruffio, Savransky, Schneider, Sivaramakrishnan, Song, Soummer, Thomas, Wallace, Ward-Duong, Wiktorowicz, Wolff
2017, submited to ApJ
New constraints on the disk characteristics and companion candidates around T Cha with VLT/SPHERE
Pohl, Sissa, Langlois, Müller, Ginski, van Holstein, Vigan, Mesa, Maire, Henning, Gratton, Olofsson, van Boekel, Benisty, Biller, Boccaletti, Chauvin, Daemgen, de Boer, Desidera, Dominik, Garufi, Janson, Kral, Ménard, Pinte, Stolker, Szulágyi, Zurlo, Bonnefoy, Cheetham, Cudel, Feldt, Kasper, Lagrange, Perrot, Wildi
2017, accepted in A&A
Fine cophasing of segmented aperture telescopes with ZELDA, a Zernike wavefront sensor in the diffraction-limited regime
Janin-Potiron, N'Diaye, Martinez, Vigan, Dohlen, Carbillet
2017, accepted in A&A
Spectral and atmospheric characterization of 51 Eridani b using VLT/SPHERE
Samland, Mollière, Bonnefoy, Maire, Cantalloube, Cheetham, Mesa, Gratton, Biller, Wahhaj, Bouwman, Brandner, Melnick, Carson, Janson, Henning, Homeier, Mordasini, Langlois, Quanz, van Boekel, Zurlo, Schlieder, Avenhaus, Boccaletti, Bonavita, Chauvin, Claudi, Cudel, Desidera, Feldt, Galicher, Kopytova, Lagrange, Le Coroller, Mouillet, Mugnier, Perrot, Sissa, Vigan
2017, accepted in A&A
SPHERE / ZIMPOL observations of the symbiotic system R Aqr. I. Imaging of the stellar binary and the innermost jet clouds
Schmid, Bazzon, Milli, Roelfsema, Engler, Mouillet, Lagadec, Sissa, Sauvage, Ginski, Baruffolo, Beuzit, Boccaletti, Bohn, Claudi, Costille, Desidera, Dohlen, Dominik, Feldt, Fusco, Gisler, Girard, Gratton, Henning, Hubin, Joos, Kasper, Langlois, Pavlov, Pragt, Puget, Quanz, Salasnich, Siebenmorgen, Stute, Suarez, Szulagyi, Thalmann, Turatto, Udry, Vigan, Wildi
2017, accepted in A&A
The VLT/NaCo large program to probe the occurrence of exoplanets and brown dwarfs at wide orbits. IV. Gravitational instability rarely forms wide, giant planets
Vigan, Bonavita, Biller, Forgan, Rice, Chauvin, Desidera, Meunier, Delorme, Schlieder, Bonnefoy, Carson, Covino, Hagelberg, Henning, Janson, Lagrange, Quanz, Zurlo, Beuzit, Boccaletti, Buenzli, Feldt, Girard, Gratton, Kasper, Le Coroller, Mesa, Messina, Meyer, Montagnier, Mordasini, Mouillet, Moutou, Reggiani, Segransan, Thalmann
2017, accepted in A&A
Eccentricity in planetary systems and the role of binarity: sample definition, initial results, and the system of HD 211847
Moutou, Vigan, Mesa, Desidera, Thebault, Zurlo, Salter
2017, accepted in A&A
Testing giant planet formation in the transitional disk of SAO 206462 using deep VLT/SPHERE imaging
Maire, Stolker, Messina, Müller, Biller, Currie, Dominik, Grady, Boccaletti, Bonnefoy, Chauvin, Galicher, Millward, Pohl, Brandner, Henning, Lagrange, Langlois, Meyer, Quanz, Vigan, Zurlo, van Boekel, Buenzli, Desidera, Feldt, Ginski, Gratton, Lannier, Mesa, Peretti, Perrot, Salter, Samland, Sissa, Thalmann, Udry
2017, A&A, 601, 134
SPHERE/SHINE reveals concentric rings in the debris disk of HIP 73145
Feldt, Olofsson, Boccaletti, Maire, Milli, Vigan, Langlois, Henning, Moor, Bonnefoy, Wahhaj, Desidera, Gratton, Kóspál, Abraham, Menard, Chauvin, Lagrange, Mesa, Salter, Buenzli, Lannier, Perrot, Peretti, Sissa
2017, A&A, 601, 7
Upper limits for Mass and Radius of objects around Proxima Cen from SPHERE/VLT
Mesa, Zurlo, Milli, Gratton, Desidera, Langlois, Vigan, Bonavita, Antichi, Avenhaus, Baruffolo, Biller, Boccaletti, Bruno, Cascone, Chauvin, Claudi, De Caprio, Fantinel, Farisato, Girard, Giro, Hagelberg, Incorvaia, Janson, Kral, Lagadec, Lagrange, Lessio, Meyer, Peretti, Perrot, Salasnich, Schlieder, Schmid, Scuderi, Sissa, Thalmann, Turatto
2017, MNRAS, 466, 118
Near-infrared scattered light properties of the HR 4796 A dust ring. A measured scattering phase function from 13.6° to 166.6°
Milli, Vigan, Mouillet, Lagrange, Augereau, Pinte, Mawet, Schmid, Boccaletti, Matra, Kral, Ertel, Chauvin, Bazzon, Menard, Beuzit, Thalmann, Dominik, Feldt, Henning, Min, Girard, Galicher, Bonnefoy, Fusco, de Boer, Janson, Maire, Mesa, Schlieder
2017, A&A, 599, 108
Constraining the mass of the planet(s) sculpting a disk cavity
Canovas, Hardy, Zurlo, Wahhaj, Schreiber, Vigan, Villaver, Olofsson, Meeus, Ménard, Caceres, Cieza, Garufi
2017, A&A, 598, 43
Belt(s) of debris resolved around the Sco-Cen star HIP 67497
Bonnefoy, Milli, Ménard, Vigan, Lagrange, Delorme, Boccaletti, Lazzoni, Galicher, Desidera, Chauvin, Augereau, Mouillet, Pinte, van der Plas, Gratton, Beust, Beuzit
2017, A&A, 597, 7
Shadows and spirals in the protoplanetary disk HD 100453
Benisty, Stolker, Pohl, de Boer, Lesur, Dominik, Dullemond, Langlois, Min, Wagner, Henning, Juhasz, Pinilla, Facchini, Apai, van Boekel, Garufi, Ginski, Ménard, Pinte, Quanz, Zurlo, Boccaletti, Bonnefoy, Beuzit, Chauvin, Cudel, Desidera, Feldt, Fontanive, Gratton, Kasper, Lagrange, Le Coroller, Mouillet, Mesa, Sissa, Vigan, Antichi, Buey, Fusco, Gisler, Llored, Magnard, Moeller-Nilsson, Pragt, Roelfsema, Sauvage, Wildi
2017, A&A, 597, 42
Multiple rings in the transition disk and companion candidates around RX J1615.3-3255. High contrast imaging with VLT/SPHERE
de Boer, Salter, Benisty, Vigan, Boccaletti, Pinilla, Ginski, Juhasz, Maire, Messina, Desidera, Cheetham, Girard, Wahhaj, Langlois, Bonnefoy, Beuzit, Buenzli, Chauvin, Dominik, Feldt, Gratton, Hagelberg, Isella, Janson, Keller, Lagrange, Lannier, Menard, Mesa, Mouillet, Mugrauer, Peretti, Perrot, Sissa, Snik, Vogt, Zurlo
2016, A&A, 595, 114
Direct detection of scattered light gaps in the transitional disk around HD 97048 with VLT/SPHERE
Ginski, Stolker, Pinilla, Dominik, Boccaletti, de Boer, Benisty, Biller, Feldt, Garufi, Keller, Kenworthy, Maire, Ménard, Mesa, Milli, Min, Pinte, Quanz, van Boekel, Bonnefoy, Chauvin, Desidera, Gratton, Girard, Keppler, Kopytova, Lagrange, Langlois, Rouan, Vigan
2016, A&A, 595, 112
Characterizing HR3549 B using SPHERE
Mesa, Vigan, D'Orazi, Ginski, Desidera, Bonnefoy, Gratton, Langlois, Marzari, Messina, Antichi, Biller, Bonavita, Cascone, Chauvin, Claudi, Curtis, Fantinel, Feldt, Garufi, Galicher, Henning, Incorvaia, Lagrange, Millward, Perrot, Salasnich, Scuderi, Sissa, Wahhaj, Zurlo
2016, A&A, 593, 119
Resolving the planet-hosting inner regions of the LkCa 15 disk
Thalmann, Janson, Garufi, Boccaletti, Quanz, Sissa, Gratton, Salter, Benisty, Bonnefoy, Chauvin, Daemgen, Desidera, Dominik, Engler, Feldt, Henning, Lagrange, Langlois, Lannier, Le Coroller, Ligi, Mesa, Meyer, Mulders, Olofsson, Pinte, Schmid, Vigan, Zurlo
2016, ApJ, 828, 17
SPOTS: The Search for Planets Orbiting Two Stars: II. First constraints on the frequency of sub-stellar companions on wide circumbinary orbits
Bonavita, Desidera, Thalmann, Janson, Vigan, Chauvin, Lannier
2016, A&A, 593, 38
Calibration of quasi-static aberrations in exoplanet direct-imaging instruments with a Zernike phase-mask sensor. II. Concept validation with ZELDA on VLT/SPHERE
N'Diaye, Vigan, Dohlen, Sauvage, Caillat, Costille, Girard, Beuzit, Fusco, Blanchard, Le Merrer, Le Mignant, Madec, Moreaux, Mouillet, Puget, Zins
2016, A&A, 592, 79
Azimuthal asymmetries in the debris disk around HD 61005. A massive collision of planetesimals?
Olofsson, Samland, Avenhaus, Caceres, Henning, Moor, Milli, Canovas, Quanz, Schreiber, Augereau, Bayo, Bazzon, Beuzit, Boccaletti, Buenzli, Casassus, Chauvin, Dominik, Desidera, Feldt, Gratton, Janson, Lagrange, Langlois, Lannier, Maire, Mesa, Pinte, Rouan, Salter, Thalmann, Vigan
2016, A&A, 591, 108
Discovery of concentric broken rings at sub-arcsec separations in the HD 141569A gas-rich, debris disk with VLT/SPHERE
Perrot, Boccaletti, Pantin, Augereau, Lagrange, Galicher, Maire, Mazoyer, Milli, Rousset, Gratton, Bonnefoy, Brandner, Buenzli, Langlois, Lannier, Mesa, Peretti, Salter, Sissa, Chauvin, Desidera, Feldt, Vigan, Di Folco, Dutrey, Péricaud, Baudoz, Benisty, De Boer, Garufi, Girard, Menard, Olofsson, Quanz, Mouillet, Christiaens, Casassus, Beuzit, Blanchard, Carle, Fusco, Giro, Hubin, Maurel, Moeller-Nilsson, Sevin, Weber
2016, A&A, 590, 7
SAXO: the extreme adaptive optics system of SPHERE (I) system overview and global laboratory performance
Sauvage, Fusco, Petit, Costille, Mouillet, Beuzit, Dohlen, Kasper, Suarez, Soenke, Baruffolo, Salasnich, Rochat, Fedrigo, Baudoz, Hugot, Sevin, Perret, Wildi, Downing, Feautrier, Puget, Vigan, O'Neal, Girard, Mawet, Schmid, Roelfsema
2016, JATIS, 2, 25003
The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. X. Detection and characterization of giant planets by the dozen
Hébrard, Arnold, Forveille, Correia, Laskar, Bonfils, Boisse, Diaz, Hagelberg, Sahlmann, Santos, Astudillo-Defru, Borgniet, Bouchy, Bourrier, Courcol, Delfosse, Deleuil, Demangeon, Ehrenreich, Gregorio, Jovanovic, Labrevoir, Lagrange, Lovis, Lozi, Moutou, Montagnier, Pepe, Rey, Santerne, Segransan, Udry, Vanhuysse, Vigan Wilson
2016, A&A, 588, 145
The SPHERE view of the planet-forming disk around HD 100546
Garufi, Quanz, Schmid, Mulders, Avenhaus, Boccaletti, Ginski, Langlois, Stolker, Augereau, Benisty, Lopez, Dominik, Gratton, Henning, Janson, Menard, Meyer, Pinte, Sissa, Vigan, Zurlo, Bazzon, Buenzli, Bonnefoy, Brandner, Chauvin, Cheetham, Cudel, Desidera, Feldt, Galicher, Kasper, Lagrange, Lannier, Maire, Mesa, Mouillet, Peretti, Perrot, Salter, Wildi
2016, A&A, 588, 8
High-cadence, High-contrast Imaging for Exoplanet Mapping: Observations of the HR 8799 Planets with VLT/SPHERE Satellite-spot-corrected Relative Photometry
Apai, Kasper, Skemer, Hanson, Lagrange, Biller, Bonnefoy, Buenzli, Vigan
2016, ApJ, 820, 40
First light of the VLT planet finder SPHERE. I. Detection and characterization of the sub-stellar companion GJ 758 B
Vigan, Bonnefoy, Ginski, Beust, Galicher, Janson, Baudino, Buenzli, Hagelberg, D'Orazi, Desidera, Maire, Gratton, Sauvage, Chauvin, Thalmann, Malo, Salter, Zurlo, Antichi, Baruffolo, Baudoz, Blanchard, Boccaletti, Beuzit, Carle, Claudi, Costille, Delboulbé, Dohlen, Dominik, Feldt, Fusco, Gluck, Girard, Giro, Gry, Henning, Hubin, Hugot, Jaquet, Kasper, Lagrange, Langlois, Le Mignant, Llored, Madec, Martinez, Mawet, Mesa, Milli, Mouillet, Moulin, Moutou, Origné, Pavlov, Perret, Petit, Pragt, Puget, Rabou, Rochat, Roelfsema, Salasnich, Schmid, Sevin, Siebenmorgen, Smette, Stadler, Suarez, Turatto, Udry, Vakili, Wahhaj, Weber, Wildi
2015, A&A, 587, 55
First light of the VLT planet finder SPHERE. II. The physical properties and the architecture of the young systems PZ Tel and HD 1160 revisited
Maire, Bonnefoy, Ginski, Vigan, Messina, Mesa, Galicher, Gratton, Desidera, Kopytova, Millward, Thalmann, Claudi, Ehrenreich, Zurlo, Chauvin, Antichi, Baruffolo, Bazzon, Beuzit, Blanchard, Boccaletti, de Boer, Carle, Cascone, Costille, de Caprio, Delboulbé, Dohlen, Dominik, Feldt, Fusco, Girard, Giro, Gisler, Gluck, Gry, Henning, Hubin, Hugot, Jaquet, Kasper, Lagrange, Langlois, Le Mignant, Llored, Madec, Martinez, Mawet, Milli, Moeller-Nilsson, Mouillet, Moulin, Moutou, Origné, Pavlov, Petit, Pragt, Puget, Ramos, Rochat, Roelfsema, Salasnich, Sauvage, Schmid, Turatto, Udry, Vakili, Wahhaj, Weber, Wildi
2015, A&A, 587, 56
First light of the VLT planet finder SPHERE. III. New spectrophotometry and astrometry of the HR8799 exoplanetary system
Zurlo, Vigan, Galicher, Maire, Mesa, Gratton, Chauvin, Kasper, Moutou, Bonnefoy, Desidera, Abe, Apai, Baruffolo, Baudoz, Baudrand, Beuzit, Blanchard, Boccaletti, Cantalloube, Carle, Charton, Claudi, Costille, de Caprio, Dohlen, Dominik, Fantinel, Feautrier, Feldt, Fusco, Gascone, Gigan, Girard, Gissler, Gluck, Gry, Henning, Hugot, Janson, Jaquet, Lagrange, Langlois, Llored, Made, Magnard, Martinez, Maurel, Mawet, Meyer, Milli, Moeller-Nilsson, Mouillet, Origné, Pavlov, Petit, Puget, Quanz, Rabou, Ramos, Roux, Salasnich, Salter, Sauvage, Schmid, Soenke, Stadler, Suarez, Turatto, Udry, Vakili, Wahhaj, Wildi
2015, A&A, 587, 57
First light of the VLT planet finder SPHERE. IV. Physical and chemical properties of the planets around HR8799
Bonnefoy, Zurlo, Baudino, Lucas, Mesa, Maire, Vigan, Galicher, Homeier, Marocco, Gratton, Chauvin, Allard, Desidera, Kasper, Moutou, Lagrange, Baruffolo, Baudrand, Beuzit, Boccaletti, Cantalloube, Carbillet, Charton, Claudi, Costille, Dohlen, Dominik, Fantinel, Feautrier, Feldt, Fusco, Gigan, Girard, Gluck, Gry, Henning, Janson, Langlois, Madec, Magnard, Maurel, Mawet, Meyer, Milli, Moeller-Nilsson, Mouillet, Pavlov, Perret, Pujet, Quanz, Rochat, Rousset, Roux, Salasnich, Salter, Sauvage, Schmid, Sevin, Soenke, Stadler, Turatto, Udry, Vakili, Wahhaj, Wildi
2015, A&A, 587, 58
The VLT/NaCo large program to probe the occurrence of exoplanets and brown dwarfs at wide orbits. III. The frequency of brown dwarfs and giant planets as companions to solar-type stars
Reggiani, Meyer, Chauvin, Vigan, Quanz, Biller, Bonavita, Desidera, Delorme, Hagelberg, Maire, Boccaletti, Beuzit, Buenzli, Carson, Covino, Feldt, Girard, Gratton, Henning, Kasper, Lagrange, Mesa, Messina, Montagnier, Mordasini, Mouillet, Schlieder, Segransan, Thalmann, Zurlo
2016, A&A, 586, 147
Apodization in high-contrast long-slit spectroscopy. II. Concept validation and first on-sky results with VLT/SPHERE
Vigan, N'Diaye, Dohlen, Beuzit, Costille, Caillat, Baruffolo, Blanchard, Carle, Ferrari, Fusco, Gluck, Hugot, Jaquet, Langlois, Le Mignant, Llored, Madec, Mouillet, Origné, Puget, Salasnich, Sauvage
2016, A&A, 586, 144
A narrow, edge-on disk resolved around HD 106906 with SPHERE
Lagrange, Langlois, Gratton, Maire, Milli, Olofsson, Vigan, Bailey, Mesa, Chauvin, Boccaletti, Galicher, Girard, Bonnefoy, Samland, Menard, Henning, Kenworthy, Thalmann, Beust, Beuzit, Brandner, Buenzli, Cheetham, Janson, le Coroller, Lannier, Mouillet, Peretti, Perrot, Salter, Sissa, Wahhaj, Abe, Desidera, Feldt, Madec, Perret, Petit, Rabou, Soenke, Weber
2016, A&A, 586, 8
Fast-moving features in the debris disk around AU Microscopii
Boccaletti, Thalmann, Lagrange, Janson, Augereau, Schneider, Milli, Grady, Debes, Langlois, Mouillet, Henning, Dominik, Maire, Beuzit, Carson, Dohlen, Engler, Feldt, Fusco, Ginski, Girard, Hines, Kasper, Mawet, Ménard, Meyer, Moutou, Olofsson, Rodigas, Sauvage, Schlieder, Schmid, Turatto, Udry, Vakili, Vigan, Wahhaj, Wisniewski
2015, Nature, 526, 230
High-contrast imaging of Sirius A with VLT/SPHERE: Looking for giant planets down to one astronomical unit
Vigan, Gry, Salter, Mesa, Homeier, Moutou, Allard
2015, MNRAS, 454, 129
Early Results from VLT SPHERE: Long-slit Spectroscopy of 2MASS 0122-2439 B, a Young Companion Near the Deuterium Burning Limit
Hinkley, Bowler, Vigan, Aller, Liu, Mawet, Matthews, Wahhaj, Kraus, Baraffe, Chabrier
2015, ApJ, 805, 10
Performance of the VLT Planet Finder SPHERE. II. Data analysis and results for IFS in laboratory
Mesa, Gratton, Zurlo, Vigan, Claudi, Alberi, Antichi, Baruffolo, Beuzit, Boccaletti, Bonnefoy, Costille, Desidera, Dohlen, Fantinel, Feldt, Fusco, Giro, Henning, Kasper, Langlois, Maire, Martinez, Moeller-Nilsson, Mouillet, Moutou, Pavlov, Puget, Salasnich, Sauvage, Sissa, Turatto, Udry, Vakili, Waters, Wildi
2015, A&A, 576, 121
The VLT/NaCo large program to probe the occurrence of exoplanets and brown dwarfs at wide orbits. II. Survey description, results, and performances
Chauvin, Vigan, Bonnefoy, Desidera, Bonavita, Mesa, Boccaletti, Buenzli, Carson, Delorme, Hagelberg, Montagnier, Mordasini, Quanz, Segransan, Thalmann, Beuzit, Biller, Covino, Feldt, Girard, Gratton, Henning, Kasper, Lagrange, Messina, Meyer, Mouillet, Moutou, Reggiani, Schlieder, Zurlo
2015, A&A, 573, 127
The VLT/NaCo large program to probe the occurrence of exoplanets and brown dwarfs in wide orbits. I. Sample definition and characterization
Desidera, Covino, Messina, Carson, Hagelberg, Schlieder, Biazzo, Alcalá, Chauvin, Vigan, Beuzit, Bonavita, Bonnefoy, Delorme, D'Orazi, Esposito, Feldt, Girardi, Gratton, Henning, Lagrange, Lanzafame, Launhardt, Marmier, Melo, Meyer, Mouillet, Moutou, Segransan, Udry, Zaidi
2015, A&A, 573, 126
The VAST Survey - IV. A wide brown dwarf companion to the A3V star ζ Delphini
De Rosa, Patience, Ward-Duong, Vigan, Marois, Song, Macintosh, Graham, Doyon, Bessell, Lai, McCarthy, Kulesa
2014, MNRAS, 445, 3694
Performance of the VLT Planet Finder SPHERE. I. Photometry and astrometry precision with IRDIS and IFS in laboratory
Zurlo, Vigan, Mesa, Gratton, Moutou, Langlois, Claudi, Pueyo, Boccaletti, Baruffolo, Beuzit, Costille, Desidera, Dohlen, Feldt, Fusco, Henning, Kasper, Martinez, Moeller-Nilsson, Mouillet, Pavlov, Puget, Sauvage, Turatto, Udry, Vakili, Waters, Wildi
2014, A&A, 572, 85
The VAST Survey - III. The multiplicity of A-type stars within 75 pc
De Rosa, Patience, Wilson, Schneider, Wiktorowicz, Vigan, Marois, Song, Macintosh, Graham, Doyon, Bessell, Thomas, Lai
2014, MNRAS, 437, 1216
Apodization in high-contrast long-slit spectroscopy. Closer, deeper, fainter, cooler
Vigan, N'Diaye, Dohlen
2013, A&A, 555, 49
Astrophysical false positives in direct imaging for exoplanets: a white dwarf close to a rejuvenated star
Zurlo, Vigan, Hagelberg, Desidera, Chauvin, Almenara, Biazzo, Bonnefoy, Carson, Covino, Delorme, D'Orazi, Gratton, Mesa, Messina, Moutou, Segransan, Turatto, Udry, Wildi
2013, A&A, 554, 21
The International Deep Planet Survey. I. The frequency of wide-orbit massive planets around A-stars
Vigan, Patience, Marois, Bonavita, De Rosa, Macintosh, Song, Doyon, Zuckerman, Lafrenière, Barman
2012, A&A, 544, 9
The Volume-limited A-Star (VAST) survey - II. Orbital motion monitoring of A-type star multiples
De Rosa, Patience, Vigan, Wilson, Schneider, McConnell, Wiktorowicz, Marois, Song, Macintosh, Graham, Bessell, Doyon, Lai
2012, MNRAS, 422, 2765
High-contrast spectroscopy of SCR J1845-6357 B
Vigan, Bonnefoy, Chauvin, Moutou, Montagnier
2012, A&A, 540, 131
Spectroscopy across the brown dwarf/planetary mass boundary. I. Near-infrared JHK spectra
Patience, King, De Rosa, Vigan, Witte, Rice, Helling, Hauschildt
2012, A&A, 540, 85
On-sky multiwavelength phasing of segmented telescopes with the Zernike phase contrast sensor
Vigan, Arthur, Dohlen, Mazzanti
2011, Applied Optics, 50, 2708
Simulation of planet detection with the SPHERE integral field spectrograph
Mesa, Gratton, Berton, Antichi, Verinaud, Boccaletti, Kasper, Claudi, Desidera, Giro, Beuzit, Dohlen, Feldt, Mouillet, Chauvin, Vigan
2011, A&A, 529, 131
Dissecting the Moth: discovery of an off-centered ring in the HD 61005 debris disk with high-resolution imaging
Buenzli, Thalmann, Vigan, Boccaletti, Chauvin, Augereau, Meyer, Ménard, Desidera, Messina, Henning, Carson, Montagnier, Beuzit, Bonavita, Eggenberger, Lagrange, Mesa, Mouillet, Quanz
2010, A&A, 524, 1
Photometric characterization of exoplanets using angular and spectral differential imaging
Vigan, Moutou, Langlois, Allard, Boccaletti, Carbillet, Mouillet, Smith
2010, MNRAS, 407, 71
Exoplanet characterization with long slit spectroscopy
Vigan, Langlois, Moutou, Dohlen
2008, A&A, 489, 1345
Molecular line mapping of the giant molecular cloud associated with RCW 106 - II. Column density and dynamical state of the clumps
Wong, Ladd, Brisbin, Burton, Bains, Cunningham, Lo, Jones, Thomas, Longmore, Vigan, Mookerjea, Kramer, Fukui, Kawamura
2008, MNRAS, 386, 1069

SPIE Conference Proceedings

Only the proceedings where I am among the first three authors are listed.

Stop-less Lyot coronagraph for exoplanet characterization: first on-sky validation in VLT/SPHERE
Vigan, N'Diaye, Dohlen, Beuzit, Costille, Caillat, Baruffolo, Blanchard, Carle, Ferrari, Fusco, Gluck, Hugot, Jaquet, Langlois, Le Mignant, Llored, Madec, Mouillet, Origné, Puget, Salasnich, Sauvage
2016, SPIE, 9912
Characterisation of a turbulent module for the MITHIC high-contrast imaging testbed
Vigan, Postnikova, Caillat, Sauvage, Dohlen, El Hadi, Fusco, Lamb, N'Diaye
2016, SPIE, 9909
SPHERE on-sky performance compared with budget predictions
Dohlen, Vigan, Mouillet, Wildi, Sauvage, Fusco, Beuzit, Puget, Le Mignant, Roelfsema, Pragt, Schmid, Gratton, Mesa, Claudi, Langlois, Costille, Hugot, O'Neil, Guerra, N'Diaye, Girard, Mawet, Zins
2016, SPIE, 9908
ZELDA, a Zernike wavefront sensor for the fine measurement of quasi-static aberrations in coronagraphic systems: concept studies and results with VLT/SPHERE
N'Diaye, Vigan, Dohlen, Sauvage, Caillat, Costille, Girard, Beuzit, Fusco, Blanchard, Le Merrer, Le Mignant, Madec, Moreaux, Mouillet, Puget, Zins
2016, SPIE, 9909
Stop-less Lyot coronagraph for exoplanet characterization: design, manufacturing, and tests of the apodizer
Vigan, N'Diaye, Dohlen
2014, SPIE, 9151
Infrared differential imager and spectrograph for SPHERE: performance assessment for on-sky operation
Langlois, Vigan, Dohlen, Moutou, Beuzit, Boccaletti, Carle, Costille, Dorn, Gluck, Gry, Hubin, Feldt, Kasper, Madec, Le Mignant, Lizon, Mouillet, Origné, Puget, Sauvage, Wildi, Zurlo
2014, SPIE, 9147
A format standard for efficient interchange of high-contrast direct imaging science products
Choquet, Vigan, Soummer, Chauvin, Pueyo, Perrin, Hines
2014, SPIE, 9147
SPHERE/IRDIS: final performance assessment of the dual-band imaging and long slit spectroscopy modes
Vigan, Langlois, Dohlen, Zurlo, Moutou, Costille, Gry, Madec, Le Mignant, Gluck, Sauvage
2014, SPIE, 9147
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Stop-less Lyot coronagraph for exoplanet characterization
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